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Real art is forever. Anyone can tattoo, but to make your work into art demands more than the right angle of needle, or aplication of pigment underneath the skin. I want for people to see tattooing as an art form and not just a copy on demand.

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That is why i want to teach a new generation of tattoo artists to help people see tattooing as art, and not only as stamps from internet. I don’t want people to come to an artist and hear this words from him or her: “Bring what you want and i’ll tattoo it for you”, but i want my artists to help them create custom artwork tailored for them, so that they can wear it proudly till the end of their lives.

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There is no organisation wich watches over the quality of tattooing or tattoo schools. That is because i can guarantee with my classes, that the certificate you get from me is a sign of quality, so that i could say, that you are the one, whos quality of tattoing and artworks i can guarantee. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an seasoned artist, the length of the classes ranges from a few days to several weeks.

– own portfolio of drawings, paintings or any other form of your own artistic realisations
– entry consultation

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