Before i consider your concept

You are ordering me as an artist for your tattoo. As an artist, I will need complete freedom for my creation of a tailored theme that comes from my professional tattoo experience, knowledge, sense of design, expression of emotion, drawing skills and vision of the final artwork that will be placed on your body. I tattoo in my own original style.

What you expect may be different from how a professional design process for the theme is being carried out. There are many aspects such as size, composition, location, muscle grouping, color tones, and many others that many clients do not consider. All of these aspects are considered thanks to my experience.

Every artist has a unique style of art. It’s not just about choosing me, I must also accept your commission to create your artwork. This decision will depend on the chosen aesthetics as well as on the time you are willing to wait.

For the most professional results, I can only take your ideas as a reference to the direction or concept for the original artwork. Otherwise you can not influence the exact details of the design.

No third party views or requests will be considered. This is the cooperation between you and me. If you want your partner or friend to help decide what you want to tattoo, then I recommend any other studio wich will meet such request.

The tattoo price is calculated according to the difficulty, size and location. Of course, 10% of the whole estimated price will be needed as a deposit.

If I accept your order, I will take a deposit of 10% of the price to secure your place in my calendar. The deposit is in favor of your tattoo and is irreversible.


Tattoo appointments and consultations

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“I want to do things that improve the world. My mission is to improve how people percieve the tattoo.”