Our standards

Štandardy služieb

1. Enviroment

Studio is located in the heart of Trnava. It consists of two separate rooms, one for consultation and second for tattoo – warranty that every single activity has its own place to act during whole proces. Separate rooms guarantee that I can concentrate on artwork since first consultation to the last needle puncture.

2. Tools

We use disposable and sterile tips and grips tested and confirmed by Regional Office of public health in Trnava.

3. One-off aids

Needles, ink, ink caps, chair sheets, paper towels, bags for tattoo machines.
All places which may come to contact with skin are covered with one-off sheets or plastic bags.

4. Distilled water

Throughout all proces I only use distilled water for each tool.

5. Inks

All our inks meet the strictest international hygiene requirements and are certified for use in the EU and have a proof of the manufacturing number of each ink.

6. Personal care

I personally dedicate myself to every client and answer questions within 24 hours. Personally, I’m available in a studio to discuss your artwork template.

7. Privacy

If necessary, there is a possibility of closing the studio and pulling the curtains to achieve complete privacy.

8. Pain numbing

Local anesthetics are available to numb your skin before tattooing for your comfort throughout the process, although most of the time I do not recommend it or it is not necessary.