david enhancer hanc

Hi, my name is Dávid Enhancer Hanc. I have a lot of passions and one of them is tattooing.

It started in 2007 as a change of job. From graphics, it’s not far off to designing tattoos and drawing. My teacher Milan Bartoň taught me to perceive the beauty of the tattoo and materialize it on the skin with the help of black color and shades.

In 2008, I started to tattoo in Wild Tattoo in Bratislava. But after half a year of tattooing the same “Ed Hardy” pumas, I had enough of tattooing fashionable tattos to people, who after a year would not see it as their favorite tattoo, but only a memory of the sins of youth and their indiscretion.

After that i left the studio and I started to choose who and what I will be tattooing. As a freelance tattoo artist, I began to communicate more with people and help them materialize their inside into their new tattoo, which they will be proud of for the rest of their lives.

My main goal is to “read” the customer and at that moment he stops being an anonymous adventurer, who wants just a “tattoo”, but becomes a person with a name, that gets my signature on his body. It should represent his inside and express it on the outside. That’s a tattoo for me!

Trash Polka
Black & Grey

My specialisations in tattooing