My main goal is to “read” the customer and at that moment he stops being an anonymous adventurer, who wants just a “tattoo”, but becomes a person with a name, that gets my signature on his body. It should represent his inside and express it on the outside. That’s a tattoo for me!


My name is Dávid Enhancer Hanc. I have a lot of passions and one of them is tattooing. It started in 2007 as a change of jobs. From graphic design, it is not far off to designing tattoos and drawing. My teacher, Milan Bartoň, taught me to perceive the beauty of the tattoo and materialize it on the skin with the help of black color and shades.

david enhancer hanc
DÁVID HANCFounder of Enhancer tattoo studio


Trash Polka is a style of art, that began at the Buena Vista Tatoo Club in Würzburg, Germany. This style combines realistic images with abstraction, smudges, text, and geometric patterns that create a disheveled chaotic look. Trash Polka is a combination of red and black ink.