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1. Enviroment

Studio in the heart of Trnava (Slovkia). Samostatné miestnosti na konzultáciu a na tetovanie – ensuring every need is met across the entire process. Separate rooms ensure that I can concentrate on bringing the artwork to life from the first consultation till the last needle puncture.

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2. Tools

Autoclave for steel grips and tips proven by the regional health inspection in Trnava.

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3. Disposable Items

Needles, plastic grips, ink, caps, plastic sealants, cable covers, machine covers any potential area that might come in contact with skin is covered by either water-proof sheeting or plastic wrap.

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4. Distilled water

We only use distilled water for all equipment during the sessions.

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5. Inks

All exceed the most stringent international hygiene requirements, have been triple tested for purity and are completely organic and certificated for the use in EU.

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6. Personal Care

I personally dedicate myself to every client and answer questions in 24 hours. I am personally here in the studio to discuss your ideas about your artwork.

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7. Privacy

In case of need the whole studio can be made private and the curtains closed for achieving maximum privacy.

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8. Zjemnenie bolesti

Topical anesthetic to numb the tattooed area for your comfort throughout the process is available, although it is typically not recommended or required.

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