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My name is Dávid Enhancer Hanc.I have many passions and one of them are tattoos. I began in 2007 as a change in my work focus. It is not far from graphic design to designing tattoos and drawing. My teacher Milan Bartoň thaught me how to see the beauty of tattooing and how to materialise it on skin with the help of colors and shadows.

In 2008 I began tattoing in Wild Tattoo in Bratislava. But after a half of the year tattoing the same “Ed Hardy” puma, I refused to tattoo fashion tats, where after a year they won’t be looking at it as their favourite art, but only as a stupid idea at that time.

After i left I started to choose what and whom im going to tattoo. As a freelance tattoo artist i began to speak more with people and help them to materialise their inner ideas into a new tattoo, wich they are going to be proud for the rest of their lives.

[blockquote style=”simple”]My main focus is to “read” the client and in that moment he stops beeing an anonymous adventurer, who wants some art “drawn” on skin, but a person with a name, who gets my signature on his/hers skin. That has to represent the inside and show it outwards. That’s tattooing for me![/blockquote] [/column] [section_title style=”underline” border_color=”#dddddd”]My focus in tattooing[/section_title] [column size=”one_fourth” is_last=”false”] [pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”Black & Grey” line_width=”15″ percentage=”95″][/pie_chart] [/column] [column size=”one_fourth” is_last=”false”] [pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”Trash Polka” line_width=”15″ bar_color=”#c4262d” percentage=”90″][/pie_chart] [/column] [column size=”one_fourth” is_last=”false”] [pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”Portraits” line_width=”15″ bar_color=”#e09da0″ percentage=”75″][/pie_chart] [/column] [column size=”one_fourth” is_last=”true”] [pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”Full color” line_width=”15″ bar_color=”#5db8cf” percentage=”45″][/pie_chart] [/column]