My mission

I see what I do as an art form that involves two souls. You are the rare material in the creation of Unique Living Art. One that deserves perfection throughout the whole process.

I understand the importance of this process. This is a one-time only creation, on your skin, that will last forever.

Genuine art is timeless. I aim to bring tattooing to this level. I feel that you too deserve to be recognized as unique and timeless. I fight for my vision, for the body art you deserved.

My art philosophy is defined through lifelong learning, continued development and the pursuit of perfection.

Unique. Living. Art.

You are the patrons of my artwork, my canvases and as such each piece is individually crafted. Inspiration is drawn from both sides, I are here for you.

I am honored with every commission and strive for the highest levels of professional excellence – from the first contact to the joyfull smile on your face and happyness about your new finished artwork. You become unique – living art.

David Enhancer Hanc
About me



Enhancer Tattoo Studio


“I want to make things that make the world better. My mission is to work on seeing tattooing as art.”